Remove Duplicates in Excel

Remove Duplicates in Excel

This tutorial shows how to remove duplicates in Excel. An important trick to save tons of time when working with huge data.

Description of Example

We have a simple table of population for each city. It can be noticed that there are duplicate data for the city of London in this table. The objective is to remove these duplicated entries and keep only one row of data. The desired result are highlighted in blue box in below figure.
Remove Duplicates in Excel

How is it done

Step 1. Select the table
Step 2. Go to Data > Remove Duplicates
Remove Duplicates Menu

Step 3. A small window will come out as shown below. Select the columns by which duplicates will be checked, then press 'OK'.
See below figure.
Remove Duplicates 2

Step 4. A confirmation message will pop out like as shown below. Press 'OK' and viola, you will now have a free-duplicate data.
Remove Duplicates 3

These steps are summarized in the following screen recording.
Remove Duplicates 4
Download the example Excel file using the button below.

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