Lookup Pictures in Excel

How to Lookup Pictures in Excel

If you are familiar of Vlookup function in Excel, it does the job well in finding a value in a table with a given criteria. But have you ever wonder of looking up a picture instead of a value from a table? This tutorial will demonstrate how to do this.

Description of Example
We have a table at ranges A9 to B14 that contains the name of the country and on its right shows the relevant flags. The aim is whenever we change the name of country at cell A4, it will then display the flag at cell B4.
Excel Lookup Picture

How is it done
First step is to define names through Name Manager under Formulas tab. A small window will pop out to create names.
Excel Name Manager
Excel Name Manager

Add names as shown below. Name 'USA' and it should refer to cell B9, 'UK' for cell B10, and so on.
Excel Lookup Picture 2
Excel Lookup Picture 3

Assign the name 'Flag' to cell A9 which is our lookup value. Note that we have to use INDIRECT function in referring to cell A9 (highlighted in yellow below figure).
Excel Lookup Picture 4
Excel Name Manager 2

Finally, after defining all the names, select the picture at cell B4 and then type in the formula bar this equation =Flag. Your screen should look like the following picture.
Excel Lookup Picture 6
Try to change the country name at cell A4 and the flag should automatically update at cell B4. You can also download the example file using the button below.

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