Circle Invalid Entries in Excel

Circle Invalid Data

The Data Validation feature in Excel can encircle invalid entries when the criteria set was not met. This tool is very convenient in highlighting cells which have invalid data in it.

Description of Example
In the figure below, valid entries are defined when it's greater than or equal to 80. The objective is to encircle all data below 80.
Excel Circle Invalid Data

How is it done
The first step is to select the data, then go to Data > Data Validation… A small window will come out and a validation criteria can be set. In this particular example, we will allow "Whole number" which are greater than including 80. Press Ok and the condition is set.
After defining the criteria, go to Data > Data Validation > Circle Invalid Data. Circles will then appear around cells that contains incorrect entries.
Excel Circle Invalid Data 2
Excel Data Validation 3