Excel Combo Chart

How to Create Combination Chart in Excel

Do you want to impress your boss using Excel chart that most people doesn't know? If yes, then this tutorial is best for you. There is a combo chart feature in Excel that are barely used by some people. We will break down the steps how to do this with an example.

A combo chart or combination chart is a single chart consisting of more than one series of different chart types. To be able to use a combo chart, it needs at least two sets of data series. The figure below shows a chart with 5 data series.
Excel Combo Chart

How is it done
The easiest way to create a combo chart in Excel is to insert a normal chart. It can be done by selecting your data set first (at least 3 columns of data to create a double series chart), then go to Insert > Charts > Select any chart type.
Insert Excel Chart

Once you have the chart displayed, simply select it then right click, a small window will pop out with a couple of options, select 'Change Chart Type'.
Excel Change Chart Type

A new Excel window will come out then choose 'Combo' type chart, all series of data will be populated at the bottom part of the window. The last step is to choose the correct type of chart for each data series. In the example below, we have 5 data series and we assigned 5 different chart types (Area Chart, Column Chart, Line Chart, XY Scatter and Pie Chart).
Excel Combo Chart 2
Press okay and viola! You just created a 5 way combination chart. Download the example using the button below.
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