Protect VBA

Secure VBA for Microsoft Excel and Word

"Protect your modules and VBA project and make them unviewable."


Description of Software

This small application can make the VBA modules and projects unviewable. It is compatible with Microsoft Excel and Word files. Supported file extensions are: xls, xlsm, xlam, xltm, xlsb, xlt, doc, docm, dot, and dotm.

Why you need this? Here are few reasons that this application is necessary to protect your VBA source codes.
1. A password in not enough, a lot of free online tutorials are available to break the VBA password.
2. Reduce piracy of your VBA enable documents, spreadsheets and add-ins.
3. Protect time and money investment you made to write these VBA
4. Protect your code and intellectual property from hackers, crackers or competitors.
5. Hide your secret algorithms

Here's a user friendly interface of SecureVBA.
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License key can be deactivated and can be used to another computer.
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Release Notes:
20200812 - Version - Added option to transfer activation by deactivating the key which can be initiated by the user.
20200511 - Version - Added feature to hide modules from GUI
20200416 - Version - Initial release
We guarantee that our software/plugin is virus-free, trojan-free, does not obtain user data and does not upload user information. If you have encountered a warning from the Antivirus software, we recommend you to send the file to your Antivirus software provider for malware analysis. They should be able to confirm that the detection is incorrect and issue an update to clear the detection.
LIFETIME FREE UPDATES AND UPGRADES. License key is transferrable and can be initiated by the user.
Instant license delivery.
SecureVBA is compatible with Windows operating system ONLY.

See how it works from the following video.
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