ETABS to Prokon Plugin

ETABS to Prokon GenCol Plugin

Description of Plug-in
This plugin extracts the column properties, material properties and factored loads of selected frame object in ETABS and transfers to Prokon GenCol module. A design file will be created with file name corresponding to its frame ID in ETABS. The plugin supports the following features:
ETABS to Prokon GenCol

1. Automatically extracts the column shape and dimension (circular, rectangular, width, depth, and diameter). This can be overwritten within the plugin.
ETABS to Prokon GenCol 1

2. Extracts concrete strengths. This can be overwritten within the plugin.
3. Filename are saved intelligently for every column (Column ID - Story Level - Unique ID).
4. Supports different concrete design codes (ACI 318, AS3600, BS8110, CSA, Eurocode 2, HK Code, Indian Standard, New Zealand Code, and SABS 0100)
ETABS to Prokon GenCol 2

5. Supports five rebar sets (ASTM A615, CSA G30.18, prEN 10080, ASTM A615M, SABS)
ETABS to Prokon GenCol 3

6. Allows for selection of specific load combinations
ETABS to Prokon GenCol 4

7. Allows for convenient rebar configuration and clear spacing check
ETABS to Prokon GenCol 5

8. Checks reinforcement content
ETABS to Prokon GenCol 6

9. Initial axial stress check.
ETABS to Prokon GenCol 7

10. Option to design column as braced or unbraced and section can have rain water down pipe.
ETABS to Prokon GenCol 8

Requires ETABS 2016 or higher and internet connection to initialise the plug-in.

See how it works from the following video.

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