ETABS Column Design Companion

ETABS Column Design Companion

Description of Plug-in
Retrieves the maximum axial load of each column in tabular format and colour coded grouping. It can also export the forces to AutoCAD and Excel for documentation and further post-processing. The plugin supports the following features:
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1. Supports multiple combination selection and get the maximum axial force. Table can be sorted by axial force, column assignment, column ID and governing load combinations.
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2. Group columns with color contour to show the range of axial force.
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3. Select column/s from the table in the model.
4. Exports table to Microsoft Excel.
5. Exports forces and other information to AutoCAD.
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6. Finds selected column in the model from the table.
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7. Supports all units.
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8. Assign groups to columns with colours.
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9. Exporting to AutoCAD with formatted text and colour contours.
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Requires ETABS 2016 or higher and internet connection to initialise the plug-in.

See how it works from the following video.

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