ETABS Column Design Companion

ETABS Column Design Companion

Description of Plug-in
Retrieves the maximum axial load of each column in tabular format and colour coded grouping. It can also export the forces to AutoCAD and Excel for documentation and further post-processing. The plugin supports the following features:
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1. Supports multiple combination selection and get the maximum axial force. Table can be sorted by axial force, column assignment, column ID and governing load combinations.
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2. Group columns with color contour to show the range of axial force.
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3. Select column/s from the table in the model.
4. Exports table to Microsoft Excel.
5. Exports forces and other information to AutoCAD.
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6. Finds selected column in the model from the table.
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7. Supports all units.
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8. Assign groups to columns with colours.
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9. Exporting to AutoCAD with formatted text and colour contours.
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10. The plugin has a feature to transfer activations to another computer by deactivating the key which can be done anytime by the user.
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Requires 64-bit AutoCAD 2018 to 2020 and ETABS 2016/17/18/19/20.

Release Notes:
20200824 - Version - Fixed error handling issues. License key can now be deactivated to use to another PC
20200526 - Version - Implemented one license for all versions of ETABS and AutoCAD
20200303 - Version - Migration of license service
20191214 - Version - Support for AutoCAD2019 and 2020 has been added. New licensing system and options. Added menu bar.
20191007 - Version - Minor bugs fixed
20190813 - Version - Initial release

We guarantee that our software/plugin is virus-free, trojan-free, does not obtain user data and does not upload user information. If you have encountered a warning from the Antivirus software, we recommend you to send the file to your Antivirus software provider for malware analysis. They should be able to confirm that the detection is incorrect and issue an update to clear the detection.
ONE LICENSE WILL WORK FOR ALL VERSIONS OF ETABS. License key is transferrable and can be initiated by the user.
Instant license delivery.

*License is transferrable to other PC at no additional cost. License key is valid for one year.
Licensing FAQ for more information.

See how it works from the following video.

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