File Manager with Batch Renamer

File Manager (Can Rename Files in Batch)

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File Manager

See how it works from the following video.


These are the main features of the current version of the spreadsheet. If you will buy it now, you will get free updates in the future (including new features to be added).

1. Populate files within a folder and subfolder in Excel format
2. Batch rename of files
3. Batch delete of files
4. Batch checking of duplicates
5. Extraction of mp3 tag properties
6. Enhanced visual basic programming

Important Note:
This spreadsheet requires internet connection to function.


How to use the spreadsheet

Step 1. When a security warning appears, press 'Enable Content' (see below picture) and then trust the document by clicking yes. It is a common warning when a spreadsheet uses a VBA programming.
Excel Enable Content
Do you want to make this file a Trusted Document?

Step 2. Read and follow instructions within the spreadsheet.

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