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File Manager

Rename Files in Batch, mp3 or flac Tag Editor, Find and Replace Text in Text Files

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Description of Spreadsheet
This spreadsheet can populate files and can rename them in batch. It can also check duplicate files and delete them. Another feature of this spreadsheet is to extracts mp3 / flac properties and edit them all at once. We also added a feature to batch find and replace strings inside multiple text files. Try now this spreadsheet for free.
We guarantee that our software/plugin is virus-free, trojan-free, does not obtain user data and does not upload user information. If you have encountered a warning from the Antivirus software, we recommend you to send the file to your Antivirus software provider for malware analysis. They should be able to confirm that the detection is incorrect and issue an update to clear the detection.
File Manager
MP3 Tag Editor
Find and Replace String in Text Files

See how it works from the following video.

The second video demonstrates the capabilities to edit the mp3 / flac tags in batch.

The last video demonstrates how to batch replace text or string in multiple text files.

Release Notes:
20201027 - Version - Added support for tag editing of FLAC files.
20200217 - Version - Major release. Refreshed the user interface. New licensing system and option. Find / replace texts in text files has been added. Mp3 tag editor feature implemented.
20191019 - Version - Compatibility issues has been resolved
20180605 - Version - Major bugs fixed. Online license system introduced.
20171228 - Version - Initial release

Instant license delivery.
This spreadsheet is compatible with Windows operating system ONLY.

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