How to Multiply Fractions

How to Multiply Fractions in Excel

In the previous tutorial, we learned how to multiply in Microsoft Excel, but do you know that it is also capable of solving fraction problems. This tutorial will show how to multiply fractions.


1. Input the fractions as a regular formula in individual cells. Excel will automatically convert it to decimal format. For example =1/2 will yield 0.5 in a cell.
2. Multiply the numbers using cell reference separated by * symbol. Again Excel will convert it into a decimal formal.
3. Select the cells where you want to convert to fraction format, then format cells (can be accessed by either right-clicking or from the ribbon menu). A small window will pop out, then select 'Number' tab, choose 'Fraction' and press 'OK'.

Watch the screen recording below for demonstration.

How to Multiply Fractions
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