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We developed a multi-tool add-in that we believe very useful for all Excel users. It can even unlock Excel worksheets and workbooks.

Excel 2016 Addin
These are the main features of the current version of the add-in. If you will buy this add-in now, you will get free updates in the future (including new features to be added).

1. Filter Unique
2. Goal Seek
3. Manipulate color to highlight cells in sequence
4. AutoFilter
5. Create Dropdown
6. Paste Values
7. Center Across Selection
8. Print Selection
9. Export to Textfile
10. Paste Transform
11. Get Root Folder
12. Get File Name
13. Extract Last Word
14. Extract First Word
15. How old from and to given dates
16. List Sheets
17. Sheet Name
18. Manipulating Cases
19. Paste Special
20. Find
21. Replace
22. Format Cell
23. Crack Passwords

Buy it now for a very cheap introducing price with so many features. A registration is required for the add-in to work.

Important Notes:
This add-in requires internet connection to function. It doesn't unlock VBA project which is unviewable or password protected.
To register the add-in, copy the code that will pop-up when it is first installed and send the code via .

You might want to learn how to install an Excel add-in.